Benefits of Inversion

Gravitational power has a big impact on a vertical circulation of blood in human body. The most affected are veins below the heart.

Deoxygenated blood is pushed towards the heart and lungs mainly by the contractions of the muscles. This works perfectly, when a person does mostly physical work. But todays typical person has a sedentary job, and in that case, the pressure generated by the muscles is not big enough. This leads to the cumulation of blood in lower limbs and the stomach area, which may lead to organ malfunction.

Persons, who work mostly with their brain, are in a big need of oxygen supplies in their head. But the arteries in the above-heart parts of the body are affected by the same problem as veins, thus leading to lower amount of oxygenated blood travelling through the brain.

The upright position is also the cause of the shift in the insides (descent of stomach, bowels ...) which may lead to functionality issues. That's why even yogis logically stress the importance of the inverted position, which almost immediately removes the drawbacks of the upright position.

The inversion table has a great impact on lots of human body parts.


In the inverted position muscles relax faster and the spine is lengthening out even after few minutes. This lengthening is caused by the disks soaking up liquid and nutrients. This leads to the regeneration of the discs. When we consider that the degeneration of discs is the main reason behind back pain then this is one important reason why to use inverted table.
The effects on the skeleton:

  • prevention from the development of static dysfunction (scoliosis) amongst the kids
  • prevention against back pain
  • the treatment of every syndromes of back pain
  • the treatment of static dysfunction of young individuals (posture correction, treatment of scoliosis)

Blood circulation

The inverted position on the inverted table has a significant effect on the circulation of blood. It is proved that the upright position is the source of problems, because it leads to the build up of blood in the areas under the heart whereas in the areas above the heart it slows the circulation down.

The inverted position on the inverted table is switching the situation: the build up off blood in veins in the lower limbs is immediately removed and also the build up of the blood in the stomach area is also removed. This speeds up the circulation of vein blood and moves this blood in the direction of the heart. Thanks to this even the lungs have more blood to oxygenate and filter.

So the inverted position with deep breathing is cleaning the body, without over stressing the heart which is beating normally. The oxygenated blood is moving under small pressure in to the brain, in contrast with the upright position where it has to surpass the gravitation force.

Therefore the inverted position serves as prevention against vein problems such as hemorrhoids and varices. When there are predispositions towards these problems the inverted position helps remove these problems or at least leads to the reduction of these problems.


The stomach area is the area in between the diaphragm and the pelvis. This area has a significant impact on the quality of our lives. The inverted position leads to the start up of the circulation of blood in this area. Aside from this it supports the good flow of blood from organs in the underbelly where the sedentary position leads to almost permanent engorgement.

Prostate problems from which many men who are over 50 years old suffer are even worse thanks to this permanent engorgement. In the inverted position almost immediate relief can be experienced when you suffer from these problems. The blood also leaves the genitals.

The stomach organs which suffer from displacement in the upright position are moved to the right position and they take up their original shape if we are practicing the inverted position systematically.

The inverted position is also very healthy for the digestive tract and its surrounding veins and organs, especially the liver. Many people with sedentary professions suffer from less or more obvious problems with this organ. If we realize that all of the blood from the digestive tract passes through the liver we will be aware that these problems are better to be avoided. Better circulation of blood in the digestive tract will help the whole tract in doing its proper function.

The effect of the Lungs

The inverted position significantly helps with breathing. It is significant especially when we exhale, which is the most important part in the breathing cycle. Insufficient exhale leads to the stagnation of the unexhaled air in the lungs and this air is in fact almost toxic. In other words it reduces the amount of air we can inhale.

The lungs of modern people suffer great deal from this. The inverted position helps a lot with the exhaling; this is thanks to the pressure of the organs on the diaphragm. This leads to the good exercise of the upper part of our lungs which is especially important.


The brain is the best per fused organ in our body; this is because the brain needs more oxygenated blood for it to work properly. In the inverted position the blood is going to the brain under small pressure which helps with the circulation in this area, it is in fact cleaning this area.

Sufficient cleaning of the capillaries in the brain helps with most of the migraines and other headaches. The inverted position is also helping our mental functions. It also improves our memory as well as concentration; it improves our resistance towards the tiring of nerves. It eradicates the feeling of anxiety and nervousness. This all happens when you exercise every day on the inverted table. After that everybody will be better in using their full mental potential.

Esthetical Effects

The inverted position also has positive impact on the spine, it grants us the correct upright position that is so characteristic for human beings and it gives us the natural spring walk. Also thanks to the improved circulation of blood the skin is better supplied with blood and therefore it receives even more nutrition then it would get from normal cosmetic care. The inverted position therefore has rejuvenating effects on the skin and it helps with its regeneration. It also supports the growth of hair.

Other effects of the inverted position are the removal of any sleep disorder and better and healthier sleep. The best time to exercise on the inverted table is in the evening, after the stress of the whole day. This stress is immediately lifted from you even after a small period of time on the inverted table. And because after that we are not subjected to any more stress we go straight to bed so the positive effects are at work for the whole night and the results of the therapy are even better.

Therapheutic Effects

Earth surface has a negative charge; however the atmosphere has a positive charge. So the lower atmospheric attitudes, in which we live, are located in the electrostatic field which direction is top-down. In the upright position a human is subjected to the vertical flow of this energy. In the inverted position the energy flows through the body in the opposite direction. This has the balancing effect. This then leads to a big therapeutic value of the inverted position.

The big advantage of the inverted position on the inverted table over the other inverted positions (for example from yoga - headstand and others) is that you can get in to this position very easily and also the manipulation on the inverted table is very easy. Without any strain we can choose our angles of the inverted position. We do just the positions that are pleasant for us. Also we are resting on the inverted table just long enough period of time that is comfortable for us. One can learn how to operate the inverted table in the first five minute.