User guide for the inverted table

For every healthy person, without any serious healthy limitations and illness, the inverted table (IT) is suitable and it can be recommended to the broader public. When using the Inverted Table it is important to follow the instruction manual.

Instruction manual for the use of the inverted table

    • No application of the inverted therapy is done "with force", that means without the regard to uncomfortable feelings or any painful reactions. The more comfortable the position is the more relaxed you are and the more you gain from the experience on the inverted table.
    • On the inverted table we experience the state of weightlessness which is therapeutic by itself.
    • We do not remain in the inverted position longer than that is comfortable for us. In different angles we may remain from 1 min to 5 min, in bigger angles (more than 30 degrees) and vertical position we never remain longer that 1min. In this period of time the body is stretched out and the joints are more relaxed. After that we return to the balanced position in which we remain for 5-8 minutes. In this position the body is still stretching and relaxing even thought the intensity of the drag is reduced to the minimum. This is how the effects of the inverted position are multiplied without the necessity of prolonging the time we need to remain in the vertical position. We can repeat this a second time if we know we would still feel comfortable.
    • If we experience any uncomfortable feelings we immediately return to the balanced position in which we will let these feeling pass. If more serious problems are experienced we start with small angles after which we return to the balanced position and we increase the angles through the time and according to the adaptation of out body.
    • When we return from the angle position to the starting balanced position we recommend to rest in this position for several minutes (2-3).
    • Frequency and intensity of the usage of the inverted table everybody chooses individually according to the tolerance of their organism (From the beginning the higher frequency with smaller intensity is recommended for example 4 x a day for 5 min, after the adaptation of the body we can increase the intensity to for example once a day for 15 min). For the older people we recommend to start with the balanced position in alternation with the angle of 5-10 degrees head down.

    If we use the Inverted Table according to these instructions it is very safe and highly effective. 

    We do not recommend

    Using of Inversion Table is not recommended for people with the following medical diagnosis:

    • serious heart disorders (after myocardial infarct, serious inborn heart defects),
    • the states after cerebral apoplexy,
    • during headache after meningoencephalitis,
    • during ballooning of brain,
    • during serious states after breaking of vertebras and after fresh operation of lamina of backbone,
    • during hemophilia,
    • during serious diabetes,
    • during the states after operation of cranium,
    • during the states after big amputation of lower limb,
    • during serious psychotic states,
    • permanent high blood pressure,
    • higher action of thyroid gland,
    • serious internal diseases (for example collagenosis, serious inflammations and others according to the doctor).

    A doctor must recommend the application of Inversion Table for people suffering from serious disorders. These people are not allowed to use Inversion Table without permission of doctor.

    We do not recommend the Inversion Table if the healthy problems are deeper. Please, consult with a doctor.

    Head physician MUDr. Jan Miklánek
    to 01. 06.1991, Jabloňová 2992, Prague 10