Sporty inversion table

The upside-down position on the inversion table has such great effects on the whole human body that everyone should do it at least once a day. It reduces the impact of stereotypical behaviour (long time standing, sitting...) which may lead to a lot of health issues and chronic illnesses. In the inverted position, knee and hip joints get relaxed and tension in spinal muscles is reduced.

Sporty inversion table

  • improves spinal stability and fixes its disorders,
  • positively affects gastrointestinal tract,
  • improves blood circulation and nervous system,
  • enhances overall body fitness,
  • relaxes joints.

Specification & Prices

  • All products are certified for use within the EU by the Certification of Conformity EU - GPSD Directive 2001/95/EC.
  • Registration No.: ENC120713GZ80, 120713GZ81.

Technical parameters

STANDART | PREMIUM (orange pad on photos)
Max. load 136 kg | 136 kg
Max. height of person 198 cm | 198 cm
Height of the construction 220 cm | 220 cm
Width of the construction 68 cm | 68 cm
Weight of the construction 21 kg | 22 kg


Price 3900 CZK


Price 6200 CZK

Personal pick-up

  • You can try and buy the sporty inversion table at our addresses. It is then neccessary to call us and arrange a meeting (weekends also possible). Inversion table can be dismantled and easily transported by a car.

Order by mail

  • We are shipping the sporty IT as a commercial parcel. At first, a customer is tried to be reached at his address and if he is not found, the package is stored at the nearest post office.
  • Shipping fee to abroad is set individually by the current price list of Czech Post.
  • As a customer, you may return the product within 14 days to our address (Fa DOLEJŠÍ, Dolní Libchavy 205, 561 16 Libchavy). In that case, all postal fees are charged to the customer. The seller has the right to demand a compensation if returned goods is damaged or incomplete.
  • STANDART - 131 x 77,5 x 14 cm, 23 kg
  • PREMIUM - 131 x 77,5 x 14 cm, 24 kg

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