Inversion Table MEDIC AL200

Company Dolejší is the manufacturer of the inversion tables since the year 1991. It was developed for medical use that would prevent from problems such as joint ache, back pain, rachiopathy and problems connected with motor system.

The one sided stress, whether it is in the upright position or in the sitting position, which are so typical for our lives in modern times, leads to gradual overload and subsequently to an injury of overloaded parts of the body:

  • overload of the circulatory system in the lower limbs
  • overload of disks
  • overload of hip joints
  • overload of viscera (in the sitting position)

The upside-down position on the inversion table is decreasing the effects of the overload in the most natural and the most effective way.

VIDEO (in Czech), Exhibition HOBBY, 2012: