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Specification and prices



Technical specification

  • COLORS: dark blue, white, dark brown, wineberry
  • AL 080 – for the height from 140 cm to 175 cm (only dark brown and wineberry)
  • AL 200 – for the height from 158 cm to 210 cm 
Width 75 cm 75 cm
Max. height of the construction 195 cm 235 cm
Weight of the construction 15 kg 16,5 kg
Maximum load 120 kg 120 kg

The use of inverted table

The leg clamp is freely adjustable for the desirable height, so we would be in the relative position of the centre of gravity with the axis of rotation. This would allow us to change the position of the table by small movement of out hands. If we start raising our hands towards our head the table will start to tilt and we will stop at our desirable position by stopping the movement of our hands. The end position is when we are in the inverted position. We return from this position in the way that we move our body towards the base of the construction (just in the vertical position) and we will start to move out hands towards our body.


Avaliable Products

  • Inverted Table for the height from 140 cm to 175 cm - type AL 080
  • Inverted Table for the height from 158 cm to 210 cm - type AL 200

(The price is for a complete inverted table with one leg clamp and adjustable back stop)  - price 6 000 CZK

If you are almost 175 cm tall and weigh more than 80 kg, AL 200 is more appropriate for you. Even if only one member of your family is taller than 175 cm, we recommend AL 200.

Accessories sold separately

  • Child clamp type UT4 – it enables small children to use inverted table - price 700 CZK
  • Massage clamp type UTm – it enables you to lie on the inverted table face down (the attendance of other people necessary) - price 700 CZK

Due to the security reasons accessory has always different color than the inversion table.

When the inverted table is send via mail the shipping and packaging is added by current exchange.

*(for prices in EUR, USD or other currency ask us by e-mail, we are using current exchange)

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